Tuesday, March 17, 2009

so, while our fellow Leslieville residents are busy patting themselves on the back for facing down the consumerdisneyland giant known as 'SmartCenter Inc',
let me take a moment to pat our superduperskilzladen staff here at mercury, on the back, for getting this little write up on pg 65 of the April issue of Toronto Life Magazine :

Best Caffeine Jolt

"Coffee nerds can keep their $15 cups of Esmeralda. We'll take one of Mercury's carefully crafted lattes($3.95). Chocolaty, rich and smooth, their Black Cat beans make the best espresso in the city."

so to the best staff in the city, we say a huge, heartfelt thanks, for doing what you do, and doing it as well as you all do it! you guys rock!

BTW - the Black Cat beans come from Intelligentsia, who are just one of the great roasters we use at the shop, and who i might add, are also pretty freaking good at what they do. So thanks to them too.


Aaron said...

More kudos here

elizabeth said...

I love black cat and buy it by the bag. But why can't the bag be greener?