Wednesday, August 19, 2009

from atop the precipice he wrote such loving prose/a shame he had to fall from grace/he landed none too gracefully/there were many who said his last words were spoken aloud as he crashed down the mountain side/most disagreed/they said his last words were typed/what follows is an artist's rendering of both/the spoken & the writ/

eureka/a little piece of the recipe for disaster was located locked and tangled upon this precipice on which i sit/a mad dash of snow down the hills toward the township above/below/added up/subtraction/retracting winter's breath down my neck/such a benevolent poet laureate was he that i was allowed to usurp the throne at widow's peak/and thrown he was to me as i was to the winds of change/a failure no less than a century young/more than a few lyrical quotes came to mind in those final days of mine/welcome/go back/goodbye/jump they said/the choice was their own/

never would i see the usurped again/lost in the mundane was he/precipitating all was a need to know/it led me here/to words of wisdom disguised in verse/labyrinthine in nature and made impossible to solve by the masses/hence my sitting here/ever more/chances are even they will try some day/try most likely to reach the same conclusions that i and the noble man before reached/too many ingredients were needed to truly get to the truth/the ever sought after/endless bounds/for me just another chapter/for them gospel/

hey ho come have a coffee @ mercury espresso bar!!!!!!!!1!!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Hey everyone! I'm Chris, the new guy. I'm 25 and taurus. This is my first time working East of Spadina. I aspire to make you a damn good coffee.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Listen up GUYS! There's a new kid in town! I won't tell you who, but let's just say his name is "little Mikey." He's drippy, hot and delicious. Okay, okay, ya got me, Little Mikey is actually our new featured single origin espresso- Brazil Santo Antonio Estates. Give it a try, you won't be disappointed. Full in flavour, and encompassing a wide spectrum of acidity, this espresso will dance on your tongue like a pack of pop-rocks. All the more, it is balanced by a subtle fruit undertone. UNDERTONE! this is as nerdy as I get so I need to weigh out the rest of this entry with some STUPID IMAGES!!!


me blogging at mercury espresso bar back in '92

my beloved pet lizard doris!