Wednesday, August 19, 2009

from atop the precipice he wrote such loving prose/a shame he had to fall from grace/he landed none too gracefully/there were many who said his last words were spoken aloud as he crashed down the mountain side/most disagreed/they said his last words were typed/what follows is an artist's rendering of both/the spoken & the writ/

eureka/a little piece of the recipe for disaster was located locked and tangled upon this precipice on which i sit/a mad dash of snow down the hills toward the township above/below/added up/subtraction/retracting winter's breath down my neck/such a benevolent poet laureate was he that i was allowed to usurp the throne at widow's peak/and thrown he was to me as i was to the winds of change/a failure no less than a century young/more than a few lyrical quotes came to mind in those final days of mine/welcome/go back/goodbye/jump they said/the choice was their own/

never would i see the usurped again/lost in the mundane was he/precipitating all was a need to know/it led me here/to words of wisdom disguised in verse/labyrinthine in nature and made impossible to solve by the masses/hence my sitting here/ever more/chances are even they will try some day/try most likely to reach the same conclusions that i and the noble man before reached/too many ingredients were needed to truly get to the truth/the ever sought after/endless bounds/for me just another chapter/for them gospel/

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Alice said...

Hey Kids!
I'm in Cleveland. Any idea where i can get a coffee. If you tell me I'll write a blog post for you!!!
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-The Berg