Saturday, December 29, 2007

Feature latte anyone? Yeah you do (fact)! It's Ethiopia Harrar... Not only is it highly regarded by pirates (aarrr), but the merc staff give it a thumbs up! Don't take my word for it - have a latte today.
I'm keen on Beans!
Kenya (Mathareini Auction Lot) - Intense, black currant, sweet, pink grapefruit, chocolate, savory.
Flecha Roja (Direct Trade Costa Rica) - Red fruit, caramel, crisp, clean, sweet
El Diablo (Dark Roast Direct Trade) Bold, crisp, black cherry, fruity, floral, smoky

Then we've got all the old favourites like black cat, kid- o, espresso, decaf swp, mad hatter, and extra butter...
So if you need beans... we've got 'em!

*Reminder that the goat fund is still going strong. It will be up until the 1st, so come on in, have a coffee, and make a donation. Think about get to buy a goat... but you don't have to keep it. You don't have to feed it. You get a goat and all the work is done for you! awesome... everyone wins!

Friday, December 28, 2007

It is three nights since Christmas morn' and not a creature is drinking coffee, not even a mouse. -"Girls say we gotta gotta gotta get home."
-"Well I was just about to go get drunk."
-"Yes you do that Willie, but I need a new song! Something about a shoe, a good ole' shoe." said the man in the yellow hat.
-"Don't these kids today know how to twinkle? All you gots to do is take two steps in the right direction and you're dancing" replied Willy with a smile.
-"Aww shucks, I got cottonmouth in my eyes and they lied about this whole spring chicken."
-Now don't get side-tracked! That's all scenery, stick to what you can prove in court.
-"But I'm a fine looking man, I ain't ever had a woman walk out on me before" blubbered the man in the yellow hat.
-"Ha! that's one duck that dog don't hunt! laughed Willy.
And just then a passing stranger burst upon the scene saying: "Are you Frankie Lee? The gambler? Who's father is deceased?"
-"No" replied the man in the yellow hat. "You must have be confused with someone else. We're just sitting here with Shotgun Willie drinking twilight tea, enjoying the new year air."

Saturday, December 15, 2007

"This is going to save my life," a sleepy-eyed Mercury regular was heard to remark, as he gazed queasily into the crema atop his americano.

"We save lives every day," came Alice Berg's uncreative reply.

Well, today it was literally true: a distressed bluebottle housefly was caught wallowing about in the Used Spoon Water, and after it was brought to my, Damien Elmore James Zielinski's, attention, by a concerned passerby, the Brave Little Man was promptly rescued from the scum, and given a dry piece of paper towel to dry off his wings and legs.

That was 10 minutes ago, and as we speak the Little Trooper is resting up. A bad scare and a few bumps, but it looks like the little feller is GOING TO BE ALRIGHT.

I'm Damien Zielinski, and this is The News.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holy Cro-moley! nothing makes you want coffee more than a bike ride in the winter. Don't believe me, ask tofu. moving on....
Get 'em while you can (1/2lbs)

kid-o $9, black cat $9, extra butter $9, mad hatter $8, espresso $8, decaf swp $8, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe $9 (feature latter at the moment $4.75)

El Diablo (dark roast)- Bold, crisp, black cherry, fruity/floral, smoky
If you want a bold brew this is your lucky day. $9
Flor Azul Nicaragua- Cocoa, sweet fruit, nuts, balanced, light molasses, hint of spice
If you tried the Los Delirios and love it, this is it's BFF (also a Nicaragua). $9.50
El Cuervo Guatemala- Sugar cane, red fruit, milk chocolate, bold, invigorating, clean
Just the right way to wake you up from a winter slumber. $9.50
El Gallo (breakfast blend)- sweet, spice, fruity, smooth, rich, caramel, clean
If it's a plate of bacon & eggs or soy milk & a wheat free muffin, this is a great cup to start off your day. $9
Celebration Blend- sweet, red currant, caramel, crisp, molasses, cinnamon
Tastes like a celebration... blend. It's like warm clothes out of the dryer.
It's a great balanced and clean cup. It will warm you up and leave a splendid taste in your mouth. $9

Things We Have
-We have Lactose Free Milk right now! sorry for all of the times we run out, but if you come in soon we will be MORE THAN HAPPY to make you a drink sans Lactose.
- Cider... and it can be yours for $3. It's awesome if you're one of the many that can't have caffeine after noon (my heart goes out to you really and truly it does).
- Alex and Alice keeping you company all night long. Springsteen playing, shots are pouring, and the cafe is peaceful. I dare you to come in here and shake things up. Triple Dog Dare you!!!

what? wait.. what? WHAT!!! I can't hear you... you're breaking up! you'll have to come in and tell me in person.
over and out
Alice "GT's" Berg
featuring Alex "lets talk bikes" Tran

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MMmmm, apples. On a wet day like today the coldness just goes right into the bones. Let us warm you up with a nice fresh mug of hot apple cider. We won't offend you with that powdered stuff- only the real deal from your friends at Mercury.

With any luck, the rain will mean milder conditions for the next little while. Uh, no, that won't mean iced drinks are coming back, but who knows what this crazy weather will bring?

Damien Sez:
In other news,
have you seen our NEW curtains? I already blogged about how we got curtains, but now we have NEW ones! I'm tellin' ya, you GOTTA see 'em. Two layers of double-lined velvety goodness that wash over you like a shower of warm juiciness every time you go in and out- unbeatable. Heck, I thought the other curtains were nice, but these ones are a couple of real dandies. Yep, I guess you could say they do for your body what our cappuccinos do for your face.
Editorial note: I call this paragraph of the blog you just finished reading 'Curtains 2.0: The Remix'. It's all about our new double-lined velvet curtains, and how I really like 'em.

p.s. Real Talk - R. Kelly. CHeck it out.

Alex and Damien

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Hey Alex I like your sweater!
It's not a sweater alice... I'm not wearing clothes

Word on the street.

If you like these two handsome sheep you should stop by and check out the ones on Alice shirt. No I'm not talking about her "sweater cows" but the wonderful patterns on her actual wool sweater! It's my favorite Berg garment. On a day like today I love seeing people in their colourful, crazy sweaters. Warm sweaters are very comforting on a day like today and also very necessary, kind of like cappuccino, or a latte. Perhaps a hot apple cider is your cashmere? Or a press of Los Delirios is your cardigan?

Show me yours and I'll show you mine. Zing-zang zoo zoo.

Friday, December 07, 2007

Adrian and I are having a delightful afternoon just pullin' shots, staring into each other's eyes, thinking about lollipops and iced cream. Darling.

Intelligentsia has arrived!
Here's the scoop

El Cuervo- Guatemala
flavour: Sugar cane, red fruit, milk chocolate
Acidity: Bold, round, invigoratring
Finish: Chocolaty, clean
It's a fine coffee indeed. Great as a press.

El Gallo- Breakfast Blend
Flavour: Sweet, spice, fruity
Acidity: Bright, Lively
Finish: Smooth, rich, caramel, clean
What a way to wake up in the morning!

There will be live music in the Merc this Sunday afternoon. I think it all kicks off around 4. I'll keep you all posted with more details. But there a better way to spend a sunday afternoon... we think not.

If you happen to be walking past, or pop in for a brew, you should check out the Mercular Family on the window. The Merc staff in press form...GT's GT's.

Alright I'm over and out. Neil and Damien are in tonight so come by and hang out. Good times are in store.

-A wall and the Prince (fact.)

Thursday, December 06, 2007

Well it's cold outside and it's brisk inhere but my thoughts on the matter are as follows:
a) It is only going to get colder, Fact.
b) If more people come inside Mercury we can use body heat to warm the store.
c) Body heat is a renewable resource. It's also organic. Well how about that!
d) Think about how lovely it would be to snuggle up close with all the Merc staff and regulars... I guess Christmas has come early.

Moving on
New News
WE HAVE GIFT CERTIFICATES. They come in $5 and $10 amounts. Tell all of your friends, or better yet get them one. They'll like you three times more than they did before!

We also have FRESH CIDER!!!no powder for this guy! 9 out of 10 dentists agree, it's awesome (the 10th dentist said it was rad). Try a cup for $3 and see for yourself.

Intelligentisa has not arrived yet but we are expecting the shipment today... so very soon our shelves will be overflowing with marvelous beans in little red bags. However, we still have a variety of delicious beans from Dark City (decaf swp, mad hatter, espresso, and extra butter) you if you are in need of a fix.

Adrian and Ben look beautiful today. That's all I have to say about that.
Off the record, on the QT, and very hush hush
this is your barista Alice saying
Over and out

Sunday, December 02, 2007

There's no doubt about it, it was a beautiful morning. I expected a bit of snow, a few centimetres perhaps, but there was a full-on foot of it outside my door when I stepped out. But why stress out? It was obvious no-one would be getting anywhere fast. What a perfect morning to take it easy.

It wasn't too cold out, so I walked around the neighbourhood doing small errands-- picking up some salt, buying a croissant, doing a bit of shoveling-- but nothing strenuous, as the snow was powdery and light. The sun gave us light, warm and diffused, familiar and friendly, there was hardly any traffic, and I began to feel somewhere else, somewhere other than the big city. The south of France, perhaps, the unhurried rhythms of a easy wake-up and a day with no responsibilities, a day to relax and enjoy.

I made up a French press of Nicaraguan Los Delirios for Matt and myself, the course grinds fresh and fragrant with chocolate and spice, and when the time was right, we shared it out and enjoyed its sweet, creamy flavour. With time to spare, the press was just the thing for the moment-- unhurried, uncompromised. What a lovely morning. So come on in and we'll make one up for you, too.