Tuesday, December 11, 2007

MMmmm, apples. On a wet day like today the coldness just goes right into the bones. Let us warm you up with a nice fresh mug of hot apple cider. We won't offend you with that powdered stuff- only the real deal from your friends at Mercury.

With any luck, the rain will mean milder conditions for the next little while. Uh, no, that won't mean iced drinks are coming back, but who knows what this crazy weather will bring?

Damien Sez:
In other news,
have you seen our NEW curtains? I already blogged about how we got curtains, but now we have NEW ones! I'm tellin' ya, you GOTTA see 'em. Two layers of double-lined velvety goodness that wash over you like a shower of warm juiciness every time you go in and out- unbeatable. Heck, I thought the other curtains were nice, but these ones are a couple of real dandies. Yep, I guess you could say they do for your body what our cappuccinos do for your face.
Editorial note: I call this paragraph of the blog you just finished reading 'Curtains 2.0: The Remix'. It's all about our new double-lined velvet curtains, and how I really like 'em.

p.s. Real Talk - R. Kelly. CHeck it out.

Alex and Damien

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