Sunday, December 02, 2007

There's no doubt about it, it was a beautiful morning. I expected a bit of snow, a few centimetres perhaps, but there was a full-on foot of it outside my door when I stepped out. But why stress out? It was obvious no-one would be getting anywhere fast. What a perfect morning to take it easy.

It wasn't too cold out, so I walked around the neighbourhood doing small errands-- picking up some salt, buying a croissant, doing a bit of shoveling-- but nothing strenuous, as the snow was powdery and light. The sun gave us light, warm and diffused, familiar and friendly, there was hardly any traffic, and I began to feel somewhere else, somewhere other than the big city. The south of France, perhaps, the unhurried rhythms of a easy wake-up and a day with no responsibilities, a day to relax and enjoy.

I made up a French press of Nicaraguan Los Delirios for Matt and myself, the course grinds fresh and fragrant with chocolate and spice, and when the time was right, we shared it out and enjoyed its sweet, creamy flavour. With time to spare, the press was just the thing for the moment-- unhurried, uncompromised. What a lovely morning. So come on in and we'll make one up for you, too.


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