Friday, December 28, 2007

It is three nights since Christmas morn' and not a creature is drinking coffee, not even a mouse. -"Girls say we gotta gotta gotta get home."
-"Well I was just about to go get drunk."
-"Yes you do that Willie, but I need a new song! Something about a shoe, a good ole' shoe." said the man in the yellow hat.
-"Don't these kids today know how to twinkle? All you gots to do is take two steps in the right direction and you're dancing" replied Willy with a smile.
-"Aww shucks, I got cottonmouth in my eyes and they lied about this whole spring chicken."
-Now don't get side-tracked! That's all scenery, stick to what you can prove in court.
-"But I'm a fine looking man, I ain't ever had a woman walk out on me before" blubbered the man in the yellow hat.
-"Ha! that's one duck that dog don't hunt! laughed Willy.
And just then a passing stranger burst upon the scene saying: "Are you Frankie Lee? The gambler? Who's father is deceased?"
-"No" replied the man in the yellow hat. "You must have be confused with someone else. We're just sitting here with Shotgun Willie drinking twilight tea, enjoying the new year air."

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