Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I'm going to whisper this blog so that I won't offend anyone.

I'm not as animated and charming as Neil, innocent and creative as Matt Davey, witty and sharp as Damien, mysterious and lovely as Robin, sweet and commanding as Katie, slick and laid-back as Doug Hayter, or as intellectual and articulate as Ben but I do enjoy pulling shots. It can be a therapeutic experience when every element falls into place just the way you want it to. You forget, for a moment, all the drama and chaos a service establishment attracts when you focus on what made our place so successful in the first place.

I've been here for three years and overall it's been pretty smooth. Dealing with personalities (all kinds really)has taught me a lot about patience but has also rewarded me with the privilege of getting to know some wonderful people.

We won't always click. But that's okay. I'm sure you'll understand if I'm having an 'off day'. I understand very well that it's my job to deal with people but don't expect me to force it. I don't believe customer service should be polarized. We can deal with one another as human beings. No more no less. I can make a personal promise to everyone to do just that.

On a more serious note, coming in tomorrow from Intelligentsia is the Anjilanka, Organic Bolivia single origin Black Cat espresso specially selected for 2009 United States Barista Champion Mike Phillips. It boasts green grape and fig flavours that give way to a juicy finish and a crisp acidity. We'll have eyes rolling and tongues wagging all day.



Tuesday, April 14, 2009

In the advent of the birth of Doug and Loris baby, I started thinking about how integral babies and their moms are to the entire mercury espresso bar biz-nass. In order to commemorate this relationship I would like to draw upon certain similarities between babies and coffee (yes, I am actually going to do this and yes I am a loser).

Here we go, first picture. Babies love espresso bars! I mean come on! He's munchin' on it!

Next photo! In the coffee business, the porta filter carries the delicious grounds from the grinder to be extracted into pure espresso from the machine. In real life, the grinder is like the womb and the porta filter is like the baby carrier from which you extract so much joy!

Photo three: fake-babies aren't real, just like decaf coffee isn't real!
finally, here's something that we can all enjoy!


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Still tippin' on foe foes:

Toronto's Best Latte Art

Thanks for the write-up, Caroline!