Thursday, August 31, 2006

Whew this is my first blog...gosh I'm a little nervous; I'm not used to speaking in front of an audiance - especially one as attractive as yours - so please excuse me whilst I compose myself. Where to begin? What to say? ahh!! Please one at a time. Let's start with an introduction; My name is Adrian - some of you I know, some of you know me; the rest of you will have to settle with being the friends I haven't met YET. It's been a good day - a busy day. We're serving up some delicious vegan banana loaves - I haven't had an opportunity to try them yet but they smell as good as they look. The music has been leaning a little towards the mellow side today on account of Matthew and I failing to mentally leave our beds this be nice and stay in touch.

Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Well, well, well........

Mike leaves us today. Gonna go slug some steel. Looks like he'd rather breath in the smoke stacks of Hamilton than the beatiful aromas of The Merc. Don't worry Mike, we won't hold it against you. Good luck with the schooly books and such. Come back more smarter so we can be teached too. We'll all miss you man! Rock and Roll!!!

Here at Mercury today we have a couple lemon scones left, some vegan banana muffins and some blueberry muffins for those who'd rather do that. I just stopped in to send an email and ended up writing this blog today. Lucky me!

Oh ya..... school next week for you all. Make sure you make the point of coming in before for that wake-me-up before that L-O-N-G class in the morning.

Rock On!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dear readers,

This blog will be dedicated to our very own Lank-master Mike. He will be leaving us high and dry this fall to return to the swiss alps in order to continue his Jedi training. Hopefully when he comes back he can use his jedi mind tricks and get me a raise. HA!
Mike, it's been fun buddy. We've had some good times, great times, and fun times. I'll miss diggin around on Limewire and searching for long lost cartoon theme songs with you. I'll never look at soundtracks in the same way ever again.
Is there any way you can take Alice with you? I think the cold weather might mellow that girl out. (love you Alice)
I raise my demitasse to you my friend. Good luck and may the force be with you.


Monday, August 28, 2006

Matt(hew) and Ali(ce) here...
just chillin' out to some rock and or roll.

Here are some ways of getting rid of the hiccups:
Swallowing three times (or more) while holding one's breath
Eating particular foods, such as peanut butter, Fluffernutter sandwich, chocolate, sugar or honey, Lingonberry jam, wasabi, yellow mustard or vinegar
Eating a spoonful of granulated table sugar (slowly letting it dissolve in mouth)
Drinking a glass of water through a napkin placed over the glass
Drinking a beverage high in citric acid such as lemon, lime, or grapefruit juice
Drinking a glass of water in several small sips

Or I could just punch you in the back ten Ty mes.

P.S Alex cut his hair and he look like a small child. Make fun of him when you come in. I think his life has been a little hard after that near death experience he had. Poor alex. Poor child like alex.We love you.

Swing in and say hi

Sunday, August 27, 2006

good morning, good morning. mike here. again. matt's sampling out espressos to a curious couple as i write. it's a nice, if dreary, morning here in mercury. i fell asleep at 8pm last night. a saturday night. no regrets. dale is here.

strawberry muffins, if you please. vegan banana loafs for the afternoon.

a special word from matt: (to be spoken at his convenience).

has anybody else been watching bbc's 'league of gentlemen'? great stuff.


Saturday, August 26, 2006

the time has come for the changing of the guard, out with the old and in with the new and all that.

alex will now be taking your orders. matthew has left the building. graham is here. why aren't you? graham is having a soy macchiato. why aren't you?

the tao of alex: "if you're headed eastward, there's a wicked head-wind." true that, alex, true that.

come in and try our feature latte (ethiopian harrar: wild, chocolatey). graham isn't trying it, but if graham jumped off a bridge, would you?


p.s. cranberry muffins. let's start a banana revolution.

Friday, August 25, 2006

Alex here. Film crews are busy running around Queen St. east on the set of Instant Star. I don't watch tv so I have no idea what that is but I'm sure it's very nice. From my observations I can only speculate that the lead is a brunette girl because I saw an entourage of people holding umbrellas for her. I need an entourage. Someone open doors and get my coffees, etc. Oh dear reader, wouldn't you want one too?
The streets are kinda hectic but inside here in Mercury it's mellow, chilled out, with the sounds of Elliot Brood playing in the background. Come on down for a coffee.
This weekend our feature will be Ethiopia Harrar, a very smooth, rich bean with strong cocca presence. Very nice as an espresso. Hope to see you soon.

holy crabcakes, it's mike and jacki, jacki and mike.

muffins are all gone, but have a brownie. and a mocha. jacki will draw a djinn in your latte. man, if you heard the stories i've heard, you'd know one thing for sure: jacki's old roommates are the dumbest ever.

matt and adrian played a show last night, we hope it went well. if you can't make it to mercury today, join mike and jacki at morning glory for some omlettes and dub style sandwiches.

listen up weather, if you're gonna rain, rain.
m to the j.

ps.. we loooove tacos!!!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Another wonderfully sunny day down here in Mercville, I mean Leslieville. That has a nice ring to it though, doesn't it? Maybe we can talk to our local MP about changing that. Haha, just kidding, Leslieville is just fine.

Our recent addition of Adrian is working out nicely. Despite some confusion in the morning regarding scheduling, I came into the store this afternoon to two cheery lads pouring lattes and espressos. Dear reader, don't you think in the future we should avoid scheduling Mike and Adrian on the same shift? To the untrained eye, they look so similar that 'Mini-Me' jokes might inadvertantly fly out without warning. Maybe it's just me. But in any case, welcome aboard Adrian.

Speaking of whom, if you have time tonight, his band, the Barons and Lengthly are playing down at Planet Kensington along with Matthew's band, the Soup Kitchen Lineup. Hanging with the Mercury crew "post-espresso" hours is always interesting and fun. Wink wink.


Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Dear valued customers. We don't yet have the proper licence for our patio therefore it can't be used. We put the chairs and tables outside because there just not enough room for them inside. Despite speculations, we are not lazy. This is just how things are right now. We here at Mercury are also upset due to the lack of outdoor seating but everything that could be done about it has been set in motion. We now wait. Standing. Come on city hall, won't you let us sit?

Monday, August 21, 2006

It's a lovely Monday afternoon here in Leslieville. Summer is winding down and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all the customers/friends of Mercury for all the good times! Things really kicked off well for this small organic espresso bar and we couldn't have done it without all you coffee heads!

If you don't have plans tomorrow night and that Bowie song that's been stuck in your head for the past week is still circulating in your noggin, unleash the beast at our Karaoke party at the Smiling Buddha bar at 961 College (west of Dovercourt). 9pm is when the fun starts.

Hopefully we'll see ya there!

Sunday, August 20, 2006

S - L - O - W M - O - R - N - I - N - G here at Mercury so far today. Trying to guess who'll be next to come in for work. Usually it's Mike but his twin sister got married yesterday so I don't think it'll be him. Any guesses? It's either Alice or our Jammie(Adrian).

Bluberry muffins today. Babyshambles ramblin' through our speakers and Lilly and her mom just paid us a visit. They're siiting outside and Lilly's got her feet up..... jus t relaxin' on this fine Sunday morning. Come on down and join them. Make this Sunday a Mercday.


Saturday, August 19, 2006

So apparently Mike has the longest arms out of all of us here at Mercury. Alice's experiment yesterday was a success!
Any ways.... on to today. We have Strawberry/Rhubarb muffins fom the magical Vicki. The Feature Latte this weekend is Indian Monsooned Malabar.
That's all I've got today folks. Havin' a rough time opening the shutters today. Hopefully things'll pick up soon.
Rock 'n Roll!

Friday, August 18, 2006

mercury needs a theme song.

whatever johnny know-it-all, no it doesn't. we've got a few apricot muffins left, a few chocolate banana muffins, a vegan brownie or two kicking around.

jackie bailed today so alice is in and that's cool. she'll be demonstrating her dance moves throughout the morning. it's 11:57am, so you better hurry. but seriously, how am i suppose to write about such trivial things when alison was kicked off of project runway and the clown prince vincent stupidetti was given another free pass?

if you're into ultimate fighting championship, alice wants to know if you caught the boner at the weigh-in last night.

why am i the only one blogging these days? (in all fairness to alice, she's no longer blogging because she's no longer allowed to touch the computer [or as she calls it, "the numbers machine"])

Thursday, August 17, 2006

our next door neighbour is in right now. won't you be our neighbour today?

vegan treats, muffins of some sort (ed. note: blueberry spelt), matthew. what more could you ask for? alex will be in tonight so you young ones put your dancing shoes on. i will be at home mentally preparing myself for my twin sister's wedding and ruing kate hudson's adulterous ways.

enough of 'the hives', i say. what will we play next? come to mercury or die of suspense.


Wednesday, August 16, 2006

no muffins left and yet, we go on. vegan banana loafs and brownies overwhelm the counter. the chocolate chip cookies are bracing for a coup. jackie's back from the cottage, weening herself off the beer diet, taking it a customer at a time. alice will be in later, hungover. happy day after your birthday, alice. it's matt's day off, but he's hanging around. come, take him out for a bite.

it's a sleepy kind of day.
Jamey Richard's paintings are getting a terrific response. Just a reminder that his work will only be showing here until the end of the month.

Oh, but won't you come and see?

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Good morning all! A lovely day here in Leslieville. The tempurature is perfect and the sun is shining(in my eyes...... oh well you can't win 'em all). Vicki paid her daily visit today with muffins(wild berry/wheat germ), cookies and brownies 'o plenty. Come and get some while they're still here.
Oh ya... it's Alice's birthday today and she didn'teven switch shifts with anyone. What a Trooper!!!!! Make sure you wish her good tidings or feel THE WRATH OF THE BERG!
I just had a taste of the muffin......


Vicki has outdone herself again. She's at the Riverdale Organic Farmers Market today between 3 and 7pm. Go say hi and help support the organic community in this fine city.

Rawk on!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Graham might have saved the day! Thanks for the donation of the receiver Graham! We'll get it hooked up on Monday and be RAWKIN" again. Thanks too for reading our humble communication board with it's rants and raves. A soy Latte on me!

Mercury Organic Espresso Bar serves products that may have addictive qualities.

A woman on her way to the airport made a pit stop at mercury. She got out of her cab (meter still running) and came in for a latte.
Now that's what I call a good latte.
A woman then walked in a few mintues later to get a cappuccino. She was an hour late for work and still came by to get her coffee.
You are all turning into addicts! awesome! This might be the start of MA. The first step is addmitting you have a problem.
If you have a story or comment about our coffee send it in. I think I'm going to start a contest. Winner gets a kiss from mike.

Its a beautiful sunday to come out and chill. We have banana, coconut, and pineapple muffins. They smell amazing and are still warm! Mike is here...I think me might play a game of pin the tale on the donkey. But please dont make any sudden movements...he is a bit hungover.

Peace out home fry

Saturday, August 12, 2006

The last stretch. Day off tomorrow. Can't make complete sentences. It's a two espresso start kinda day. Went to a grind-core show last night. Not recommended to anyone who's faint of heart. Receiver's not working today so it'll be quiet. Hopefully I can work my magic and change that.

Muffins today are gone. We have vegan brownies for anyone interested. They look delightful.

Does being a vegan make you fart more? I mean, think about all those beans. But then again, it's probably less smelly than having dead animal carcasses running through your body.

I'm deaf in one ear today but please don't yell. Yelling faces make me sad.


Thursday, August 10, 2006

la de da.

peach muffins? the news man is coming today. matthew's got his best shirt on. i'll tell you one thing: that theater troupe sub-plot on 'deadwood' better amount to something. or else.

richardson for mayor,

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This girl deserves and iced americano on me cuz she just tickled us in just the right spot.
lights are out here at mercury, but no worries, we like it that way. what are your feelings on wheat germ? alice says it's a cool thing, healthy and delicious. customers seem divided. we've got a few strawberry and wheat germ muffins left if you'd like to weigh in on the issue.

alice's thought of the day: "if you combine... tigers, pirates... (gets distracted)... head bands from the eighties... that's how i feel today."

whatever alice.

love is a battlefield,

p.s. both alice and i are waiting for the day that somebody orders an americano, we say "single?" and they say some dumb thing like "sorry, i'm taken." you don't want to be that person.

p.p.s we're now out of muffins, but brownies abound.


Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Alex here again. T-minus 5 mins till the start of my shift. That full moon last night brought out a bunch of weirdos. Some lady today started to lecture her dog about not "speaking" when she's waiting for her coffee. You'd think she was talking to a child. I'm all for fair treatment of dogs but come on people, there should be a line somewere. He's got no clue what the eff you're talking about. Seriously.

Muffins are gone again. I never knew them at all. But my good friends the chocolate chip cookies are hanging out with me for the time being. Who knows how long our party will last.

Time for some Bronx today. Come on in and hang out with me. I'm still so bored.


Monday, August 07, 2006

Word to your mutha. Alex here. And I will be here all week from 2-7pm for the remainder this week because Jacki decided to go out into the bush to do her black belt training. So if you're into hardcore, heavy metal etc. come on by and rock out with me. Muffins are gone for the day as per usual. We have one chocolate chip cookie left and a whole bunch of biscottis. Fred the carpenter from across the street has a petition against the Starbucks that's opening at Logan and Queen. Their renovations include covering up the beautiful brownstone and Fred just won't have any of it. So if you live in the neighbourhood come sign the sheet! The afternoons here are quite chilled out and I'm always bored to tears so please...come by. I'm lonely. So very...lonely...

Sunday, August 06, 2006

now at mercury: apple streussel, raspberry and blueberry muffins, iced coffee beverages and lemonade. i don't think you can handle it, woo.

so james and trish are hitched now, which means we officially have nothing to look forward to other than the inevitable demise of our friends and loved ones (and enemies too, so we sort of win). jackie's at the cottage, alice is at a wedding, i'm going to niagara falls with my girl. i promised her i wouldn't make her go to 'screamers', especially after jackie told me what happened to her "hot" friend there. alex just got here. he's really into black shirts that show off his arm muscles lately. i pray nightly that he won't challenge me to an arm wrestle in front of my girl. i'm sick of the way he saunters around town with all my ex-girlfriends on his muscley arms.


Friday, August 04, 2006

well alright alright alright.... its a lovely friday morning, not too hot, not too cold. we have some awesome banana rama muffins- come get 'em while they're hot! big week coming up. after my crazy busy weekend, i am off to my boyfriend's cottage on monday. that's right, boyfriend. jacki is back in the game! ya you know it.. this playa is back in action! oh, and more good news- mike found an apartment in hamilton! horray! this is just turning out to be the bestestestest day EVER! well maybe that's a bit of an over-statement, but you get the drift.. tomorrow is james and trish's wedding. i will be providing the lovely vocalistics. (is that a word?) whateva..special thanks to alex and alice for covering my shifts while i am away. i will bring you back some nice northern ontario rocks or some crap.

i'm out.


Thursday, August 03, 2006

Congratulations James and Trish!! Saturday's the big day. Then off to the Van. WIKKID! Hope the weather is great. Can't wait to play some tunes. Oce again guys.... CONGRATS!

Today at the Merc, we had some great blueberry muffins (from the magical Vikki). They went quickly, as usual. Vikki said her biscotti Chi was back, and boy was she right. The most delicious ones yet!

Oh ya! Adrian, our new member of this Motley Crue here at Mercury. He's gonna come in on Saturday to meet y'all. Be nice to him... or else.........

Anyways, I hope you all enjoyed the break in the heat today, and Hopefully saw some of the light(ning) show last night.

See you on Sunday!



Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Matthew is the best boss in the world! After sweating like mad for weeks we now have AC. Naw, just joshing with ya. It's still hot. Oh so very hot-

alright, alice just took about 10 minutes to write two lines, which is simply unacceptable. she also just wiped her sweaty face all over my back side (up near the shoulders, if you really must know), which is only slightly more acceptable.

we've got muffins with sesame seeds in them today. i taste bran, but i'm no expert. matthew's outside having a smoke. care to wax philosophical with him?

new artwork up. giant bugs. more on that some other time.

take it alllll off,