Friday, July 28, 2006

whats goin on? what a glorious day. it has been raining since i left. i suspect that doug is in the same boat after last night. despite my beer chugging contest with alex last night, i am not hungover! i'm sure if i had given in to alex and gone to that show late last night i would be though. so yay for me! where is everyone?! not here! i've been sitting here for like 20 minutes. this is wierd. just so evertyone knows we do not change the music very often here upon request. just be aware of this before you come!


ps. i love kittens!

Thursday, July 27, 2006

So Doug enters a new year. 53 is it? Oh ya..... 35. Happy Birthday Big Guy!! I hope you finally get that train set you've been wanting all these years. CHOO CHOOOOOOOOO!! Any hoo... down here on the Mercury front, we've got one delicious Pineapple/Coconut Muffin left, so hurry down before it's gone. As per usual there are all your fav Merc treats as well. Mike's the barista today so watch out everyone.... he's on a roll!

Anything to add Mike?

hear-ye, hear-ye! keith's photos will be up til the thirtieth. jamie's stuff will be up on the first. not more than an hour ago a fly flew up my armpit.

mike. and before that, matt.

p.s. keep your fingers crossed and your ear to the ground as alex and the fella next door pull together to tidy this neighbourhood up!

m and m.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


I AM I AM I AM! djak is in the hizouse, kickin some rhymes and droppin some beats.. ok whatever, i am just making lattes and shit. mike, matthew and i just ate some tasty reliable fish, chips and chicken strips! (sick rhyme eh?) it just so happens it was tasty as well.

we discovered today that mike doesn't really eat he just pretends and throws it on the floor. i think he chews it first. i had to sweep it up. it was gross. enough about mikey.

i don't know what else to write. i am drawing a blank. happy birthday to grandpa doug (tomorrow!!!)



Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Well, well well..... Here's a first! Matthew's first blog. EVER!! We're all sold out of muffins and we've gone through about 5 1/2 lbs of coffee and it's only 10:30am! We do have a delicious wild blueberry(picked in Sudbury)tart left, a few chocolate chip cookies, and acouple new items. Some lovely gingerman(or woman if she's wearing pants and not a skirt) cookies and some amazing cookies full of oatmeal, walnuts, and chocolate. Alice and I are trying to figure out what to call them. Any suggestions? Have you tried the Caffe Mekki yet? I think you should, but you have to set aside 5 or 10 minutes of your day to enjoy it here 'cause it doesn't come to go.

I've just been told by Douglas that the cookie recipe is from Nieman Marcus. Thankyou Doug.

Later folks!

Saturday, July 22, 2006

but now it is time to reveal this weekend's feature latte: ethioooopian yerrrrrgacheffe! floral, citrus-y, quite complex.

muffins this morning are carrot/apple/raisin and banana flax. with nuts, so don't be dying on us. it's early and the left speaker is blown. have you ever listened to led zepplin through one speaker?

there is a nice looking young fella drinking an espresso by himself on the couch. won't you join him?


p.s. if you don't feel like mercury today, we'd like to suggest you quench your thirst with a diet coke and a handful of mentos. trust us.

Friday, July 21, 2006


today is friday. that means absolutely nothing to me because i work weekends. hooray for life! so my roomates got a pitbull puppy. it's very cute but it scares me. plus i figured out that they have no idea what they are doing when they didn't know that the dog had to go outside in the morning to pee. soooooo guess who ended up walking the scary little bastard at 5:00 am. ME!


mike is making a latte right now. do you think he can live up to my fabulous drinks? not too likely.. one day perhaps. oh who am i kidding i will always be the best!

i am hungry hungry hungry right now. i am thinking about getting some fish and chips. i wish that halibut would just swim it's tasty ass over to me right now! (i mean that in the most non sexual way possible, despite how it sounds)

well i am out.


p.s. we have blueberry muffins and cran-oatmeal muffins which look absolutely delectable.

Friday, July 14, 2006

allo! mike and i are here today.. it's friday! yahoo! i am sick feeling today and i wish alice would wake up and come work for me. blaaaaaaaaa!!!! anyways.. mike's making drinks today.. his latte art is crap though. the next time he makes a drink with a "hook" on it i am going to punch him. jacki's latte art boot camp never fails to work!!!! on to real things.. today we have mango blueberry muffins, choco-chip cookies, lemon rosemary biscotti, and we may have a couple of vegan banana muffins left. see you all on tha flipside.


Thursday, July 13, 2006

two raspberry streusel muffins left. come get some.
check that. three left.

alex is on his way with some bbq'd pork sandwiches from the bakery on baldwin, but we're not sharing.

that is all.

p.s. if you can bare the thought of missing elimidate tonight, come check out matt's show at sneaky's 'round midnight. can't make it tonight? come see them on the 18th at the smiling buddha. details at


Wednesday, July 12, 2006

goooood morning and welcome to blogtime in jacki town. it is a very rainy day and i am loving it!!!! however, i would much rather be in bed. rainy days are perfect for that. i think that might be where our man matthew is today... perhaps he will come down for a coffee later. maybe not. it is his day off after all.

it is dark outside right now, and very cozy in here. so come on down, have a seat on our nice comfy couch and enjoy a latte!

we have run out of muffins already! but, we do have choco-chip cookies, lemon rosemary biscotti and brownies baked by the one and only vikki!

reminder to all: matthew's show is tomorrow evening at sneaky dee's.

mike thinks that my blog sounds like a morning glory blog. perhaps it does. but, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than the last 5 blogs! anyhoo.. hope to see you all today or perhaps tomorrow evening at matthew's show!


Saturday, July 08, 2006

Hey, Mercury wants to show you photographer Keith Barker's miniature world through the month of July.

You like, non?

Friday, July 07, 2006

"How's it going?"
"Whats that supposed to mean?"
"I mean, how are you DOING?"
"Are you trying to psychoanalyze me?"
"No, I was just wondering how your day is going."
"Well why do you want to know? Are you going to tell me something I don't know?"
"Look I was just making conversation..."
"Well, I'll ask you how are you?"
"Well we were doing fine until..."
"Until what?"
"Until you came along."
"Yeah, oh."

(this conversation was modified to protect the identities of both parties involved)

Thursday, July 06, 2006

(To be read while bobbing head to Van Halen's "Right Now").

Right now... Matthew and Mike have Jim's Best Western's meatballs glued to their ribs.

Right now... Alex is too busy downloading Norwegian death metal to notice the customer at the register.

Right now... Jackie is probably working her other job and Alice is definitely hung over.

Right now... We're out of both our banana flax muffin and our banana spelt muffin. (Thank heavens for the banana millet muffins.)

Right now... We will happily make you an iced latte, but not an iced cappuccino because come on.

Right now... Van Halen's "Right Now" probably has you pining for a Crystal Pepsi like it's the summer of '92.


Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Alice Berg is the type of girl that you can push around but will still keep on truckin'. Today she asked if she could go out and talk to her friends and I said yes. 10 minutes later I found her beating up our composting bin outside. When I inquired as to why she was performing a face lift on our bin she simply replied that it looked at her in "an aggressive" way. That's who'll be making your coffees on Wednesday afternoons.

Love, Alex

Monday, July 03, 2006

I'm not sure if anyone has ever told you this, but Matthew is a hero. He saved my life once. For his great act of kindness I found no better way to repay my debt then work for free. Thats right FREE. So let this be known... If Matthew saves your life, you too may be working at Mercury. Three cheers for Matthew (and one cheer for that crazy goat).
- Ali(ce)