Thursday, July 27, 2006

So Doug enters a new year. 53 is it? Oh ya..... 35. Happy Birthday Big Guy!! I hope you finally get that train set you've been wanting all these years. CHOO CHOOOOOOOOO!! Any hoo... down here on the Mercury front, we've got one delicious Pineapple/Coconut Muffin left, so hurry down before it's gone. As per usual there are all your fav Merc treats as well. Mike's the barista today so watch out everyone.... he's on a roll!

Anything to add Mike?

hear-ye, hear-ye! keith's photos will be up til the thirtieth. jamie's stuff will be up on the first. not more than an hour ago a fly flew up my armpit.

mike. and before that, matt.

p.s. keep your fingers crossed and your ear to the ground as alex and the fella next door pull together to tidy this neighbourhood up!

m and m.

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