Wednesday, July 12, 2006

goooood morning and welcome to blogtime in jacki town. it is a very rainy day and i am loving it!!!! however, i would much rather be in bed. rainy days are perfect for that. i think that might be where our man matthew is today... perhaps he will come down for a coffee later. maybe not. it is his day off after all.

it is dark outside right now, and very cozy in here. so come on down, have a seat on our nice comfy couch and enjoy a latte!

we have run out of muffins already! but, we do have choco-chip cookies, lemon rosemary biscotti and brownies baked by the one and only vikki!

reminder to all: matthew's show is tomorrow evening at sneaky dee's.

mike thinks that my blog sounds like a morning glory blog. perhaps it does. but, it makes a hell of a lot more sense than the last 5 blogs! anyhoo.. hope to see you all today or perhaps tomorrow evening at matthew's show!


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