Friday, July 21, 2006


today is friday. that means absolutely nothing to me because i work weekends. hooray for life! so my roomates got a pitbull puppy. it's very cute but it scares me. plus i figured out that they have no idea what they are doing when they didn't know that the dog had to go outside in the morning to pee. soooooo guess who ended up walking the scary little bastard at 5:00 am. ME!


mike is making a latte right now. do you think he can live up to my fabulous drinks? not too likely.. one day perhaps. oh who am i kidding i will always be the best!

i am hungry hungry hungry right now. i am thinking about getting some fish and chips. i wish that halibut would just swim it's tasty ass over to me right now! (i mean that in the most non sexual way possible, despite how it sounds)

well i am out.


p.s. we have blueberry muffins and cran-oatmeal muffins which look absolutely delectable.

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