Wednesday, June 20, 2007

"Doing dishes is like breathing."

-Amber Roga-Fox 4:01 pm June 20th

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Hi internet! It's a deliriously hot summer day here at Mercury. It is throughout Toronto, I imagine. But I couldn't tell you. We're handling it though, Alice is sipping some basil lemonade, I have a smoothie, we're doing calisthenics, we're making iced coffee, it's getting okay.

Our patio is a real thing now! Before, it was just an imagined social construct based on a haphazard outdoor arrangement of tables and chairs. Now, it has a fence around it. You can come by and sip your cappucino on it and feel all the more cozy and secure. Try it. You'll like it.

Also, I'm officially letting the public know that as self-appointed Mercury Organic Espresso Bar Chess Champion, I am taking on all comers. If anyone successfully contests my title, they will be rewarded with fame, bounties of fresh fruit, and maybe a laurel wreath (or a pigeon trophy if Ben crashes into one that day). Let me know. I'll defend my title anytime, anywhere; and by that I mean at Mercury, when I finish my shift, if I haven't gone skipping off somewhere.

Really, why aren't you stopping by? Stop by.

Love always,

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

... word on the street is that tomorrow we will have spelt coconut/mango AND spelt chocolate chunk muffins! It's always nice to know there is something to look forward to in the mornings. We also have in some spiced BROWNIES! If I were Paris Hilton I would say "that's hot" - but I'm not- so I won't.
New News
-If you haven't been in this week, we are featuring the Yemen Mocha Matari. It's like taking a walk with Adrian on a dark August night (so dreamy)... or like a bike ride with Alex at sunrise (if he could get up that early)... or listing to some eco friendly band with Ben (I'm not sure what an "eco friendly band" is, but I'm sure Ben does)... well whatever... all I'm saying is that it's a nice coffee and if you haven't takin' it for a spin you should.
-I saw Graham Powell today! In Mercury! OMG MAN! CTFM or RTFM or whatever man! I was so happy and so shocked I almost FO*. It was crazy. I was all like "LOL" and he was all like "I know" and I was all like "BRB" cause i needed to make sure I looked ok cause it's not EVERY day you see GP**.
*Fell Over
**Graham Powell

That's how I roll
-Alice "Honeycat needs ice" Berg

OH and a shout out to our dearest Josh! The Merc crew is singing you Happy Birthday right now (in our minds).

Sunday, June 10, 2007

12:47- A heart was broken, then a bird flew into a window. Lipstick Machine was seen riding their bikes along Harbord st. The trek down to Leslieville was rather uneventful even after stopping at the Yung Sing bakery on Baldwin st.

1:23-After 3 glasses of water at Mercury I could once again smell the wonderful aroma of coffee being ground. Everyone sitting in the cafe seemed to be enjoying the sounds of the Land of Talk.
All regrets of missing You Say Party We Say Die at the Horseshoe last night flew out the window after that first sip of liquid gold. I wondered what I would play at the shop today.
Metal and lethargy don't mix well.

1:56- I wished the lead singer of Foxfire Forest a Happy Birthday as he headed off on his bike with a coffee in hand. I thought about when I took a nose dive trying to negotiate a Slurpee in one hand and a tempermental bike in the other. No good can come of this I said.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


So the toilet-flusher-handle broke today (someone wanted to flush REAL HARD I guess), and resultantly I was sent out on an odyssey I'll not soon forget. I biked west to regal hardware, only to discover they had closed about fifteen minutes before. Reluctantly I turned around to head to the Home Depot, when a PIGEON flew into my face. I saw it, as if it were in slow motion: here, the bird, swooping low over the street, now fluttering wildly to wend-- just barely-- over a passing van, stalling in its ascent and dive-bombing at my cringing, unprotected face. I felt its oily wings whipping at my nose and forehead, and then, as soon as it had begun, it was over.

Some uncouth individuals have suggested that I ought to have licked it.

I find this idea abhorrent.

Anyway I got the handle at the Home Depot so now you can use the facilities as needed.