Wednesday, June 13, 2007

... word on the street is that tomorrow we will have spelt coconut/mango AND spelt chocolate chunk muffins! It's always nice to know there is something to look forward to in the mornings. We also have in some spiced BROWNIES! If I were Paris Hilton I would say "that's hot" - but I'm not- so I won't.
New News
-If you haven't been in this week, we are featuring the Yemen Mocha Matari. It's like taking a walk with Adrian on a dark August night (so dreamy)... or like a bike ride with Alex at sunrise (if he could get up that early)... or listing to some eco friendly band with Ben (I'm not sure what an "eco friendly band" is, but I'm sure Ben does)... well whatever... all I'm saying is that it's a nice coffee and if you haven't takin' it for a spin you should.
-I saw Graham Powell today! In Mercury! OMG MAN! CTFM or RTFM or whatever man! I was so happy and so shocked I almost FO*. It was crazy. I was all like "LOL" and he was all like "I know" and I was all like "BRB" cause i needed to make sure I looked ok cause it's not EVERY day you see GP**.
*Fell Over
**Graham Powell

That's how I roll
-Alice "Honeycat needs ice" Berg

OH and a shout out to our dearest Josh! The Merc crew is singing you Happy Birthday right now (in our minds).

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