Sunday, June 10, 2007

12:47- A heart was broken, then a bird flew into a window. Lipstick Machine was seen riding their bikes along Harbord st. The trek down to Leslieville was rather uneventful even after stopping at the Yung Sing bakery on Baldwin st.

1:23-After 3 glasses of water at Mercury I could once again smell the wonderful aroma of coffee being ground. Everyone sitting in the cafe seemed to be enjoying the sounds of the Land of Talk.
All regrets of missing You Say Party We Say Die at the Horseshoe last night flew out the window after that first sip of liquid gold. I wondered what I would play at the shop today.
Metal and lethargy don't mix well.

1:56- I wished the lead singer of Foxfire Forest a Happy Birthday as he headed off on his bike with a coffee in hand. I thought about when I took a nose dive trying to negotiate a Slurpee in one hand and a tempermental bike in the other. No good can come of this I said.

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Anonymous said...

Harmony Chocolate milk on cereal is awesome! Thanks for the recommendation. Sooooo creamy!!!