Thursday, November 30, 2006

It's a new week and no blog has been posted since my last one. So here we go again, dear reader, on another wacky Alex-themed adventure. We'll thrash, crash and burn through our newly aquired vinyl. Thanks to the lady who brought them in! I want to know your name so I can name a drink after you! Tell me tell me tell me.
So much vinyl, so little time. Come on by and help out. I can't choose anymore.


Saturday, November 25, 2006

Ah yes... As I type a goat is appearing on our west wall. He looks crazy and unstable. Perfect for Mercury. I wonder what's on his mind?

Matt and I are just hanging out with a gang of high-school kids who are sharing one cookie. Yeah they're good cookies. Damn good.

Cameron will be making sounds at the Mercury tomorrow night. Come on by and check it out if you got the time. I might make an appearance. I might not. I'm just unpredictable like that.


Thursday, November 23, 2006

Holla back ya'll. A-Train reporting live from Mercury. Starbucks is open and we'd like to say hello. Hello.
We've a new toy here in our little shop. It's a bottomless porta-filter. What IS that you ask? Well it's like the filters we use normally but the only difference is that the bottom is cut off exposing the bottom of the basket. This way, every little aspect of our dosing and tamping is revealed. No more hiding. Not that we did before. Come and join the fun.


Saturday, November 18, 2006

G'day, G'day!!!
Matthew here.... If good coffee and good rock 'n roll is what you're into, then you have come half way to the right place. All you need to do now get off youthewr butt and come down here to 915 Queen Street East, right in the heart of beautiful Leslieville(the greatest neighbourhood in Toronto). Up this afternoon are the dynamic duo: Alex Tran(sistor radio) and Ashley "the Countess" McFarlane. Come on in for some damn fine espresso and the wonderful treats of Vicki. Bring your laptop and take advantage of the free wireless while sipping the city's finest cafe latte. If you're lucky, Alex will play some good 'ol rock and roll vinyls from our own personal stash, or maybe you've got one or two at home you'd like to hear. BRING 'EM ON DOWN!! Tell a friend and have some fun here at Mercury!!


Thursday, November 09, 2006

WHAT the flyboy? So your delicious Mercury beverages now come with 100% more love! Who knew we could fit any more goodness into those 16 oz cups but we found a way. How is that going to affect the taste? Only you can answer that question.

Being open till 10 pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday has given us more time to cradle, nurture and coddle our espressos. The secret is love. Mad, mad, love.

Here's Nick:
"I make espresso."

There you have it folks. How can you not be impressed by a man who takes his job SO seriously that he can't waste ANY time to make elaborate his thoughts. Good on you Nick.

One love!


Sunday, November 05, 2006

It is an awesome Sunday night here at the Merc. We are all getting ready for the live music to start...
(Alice says:) That's right! Merc now has live music evey Sunday night from 7pm-10pm! So come in, grab a coffee, and listen to some killer tunes!
(Drew says:) Right now it's pretty laid back. We're just playing some Blonde Redhead over the stereo system. So ya -- come check out the show tonight. Matthew's group should be pretty sweet. Or take a look at the new photo installation.
Now that we have the record player I'm trying to think of some rock records I should bring in to spin while I work. Watch for our vinyl nights where you too can bring in your tracks and play some tunes. Oh ya -- and have some killer coffee.

your friends
Alistair and Drew man

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hey, this is Nick, I'm the new guy (started 5 minutes ago), so I guess after making a couple of capps and an espresso it's time for my first blog. I just moved over from Vancouver where I've been making coffee for a few years and it kind of took over my life. Been out in Toronto for about 2 months now (came here for school, my first time living out East since I was five) and it looks like I've found the right shop to get my game back. If you're in the shop on Thursday or Friday and you see an unfamiliar face, come say hi! I'll be pulling shots, pouring latte art, and brainstorming a sig drink-- any suggestions will be appreciated.
it's been over a week and in case you were wondering... doug's still the best.