Thursday, November 09, 2006

WHAT the flyboy? So your delicious Mercury beverages now come with 100% more love! Who knew we could fit any more goodness into those 16 oz cups but we found a way. How is that going to affect the taste? Only you can answer that question.

Being open till 10 pm on Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday has given us more time to cradle, nurture and coddle our espressos. The secret is love. Mad, mad, love.

Here's Nick:
"I make espresso."

There you have it folks. How can you not be impressed by a man who takes his job SO seriously that he can't waste ANY time to make elaborate his thoughts. Good on you Nick.

One love!


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Graham Powell said...

miss you guys already! i'm sitting at a lovely café called café orange here in the Cathederal Area of Regina, Saskatchewan. There is NO rock and roll here! And NO danger of the staff breaking in to a sing-a-long with a beach boys tune! (wouldn't it be nice)
how's the turntable?