Saturday, November 18, 2006

G'day, G'day!!!
Matthew here.... If good coffee and good rock 'n roll is what you're into, then you have come half way to the right place. All you need to do now get off youthewr butt and come down here to 915 Queen Street East, right in the heart of beautiful Leslieville(the greatest neighbourhood in Toronto). Up this afternoon are the dynamic duo: Alex Tran(sistor radio) and Ashley "the Countess" McFarlane. Come on in for some damn fine espresso and the wonderful treats of Vicki. Bring your laptop and take advantage of the free wireless while sipping the city's finest cafe latte. If you're lucky, Alex will play some good 'ol rock and roll vinyls from our own personal stash, or maybe you've got one or two at home you'd like to hear. BRING 'EM ON DOWN!! Tell a friend and have some fun here at Mercury!!


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