Sunday, November 05, 2006

It is an awesome Sunday night here at the Merc. We are all getting ready for the live music to start...
(Alice says:) That's right! Merc now has live music evey Sunday night from 7pm-10pm! So come in, grab a coffee, and listen to some killer tunes!
(Drew says:) Right now it's pretty laid back. We're just playing some Blonde Redhead over the stereo system. So ya -- come check out the show tonight. Matthew's group should be pretty sweet. Or take a look at the new photo installation.
Now that we have the record player I'm trying to think of some rock records I should bring in to spin while I work. Watch for our vinyl nights where you too can bring in your tracks and play some tunes. Oh ya -- and have some killer coffee.

your friends
Alistair and Drew man

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