Thursday, July 31, 2008

Buzzword of the season: stay-cation - to take a vacation in the place in which one dwells.

Hilarious I know. But with soaring gas prices the marketers have concocted this crazy combination of consents and vowels to cure us of our crappy constant. I don't know about you guys but I've had a blast this summer. Zipping around the city on my two-wheeled pedal machine has prevented any such desire to get away to a far away beach resort surrounded by people who remind me how tans can go horribly wrong.

Speaking of soaring gas prices, coffee farmers in Kenya (God-bless their hardworking souls) have felt the pinch even harder than a mere inconvenience to their vacation plans. They've got this 'stay-cation' dance down. And replace any sort of 'cation' with business as usual producing some of the best fruits in the world with reduced staff, double the shipping costs, and half the profits. No, they aren't saving for a sandy retreat, they're trying to feed their kids. Would I pay $14.00 for a half pound of Kenya Gaturiri Auction Lot? Hells yeah. Nevermind the logistics of supporting whatever, whatever, whatever, I'm not going to preach, it's just effin' amazing coffee. It's smells like a steaming plate of bolognese sauce. Mmmm savoury!

Try it. Or piss off to Miami and join the other douchbags working on their 'tans'. (In the nicest possible way)

a-tronic out

Sunday, July 27, 2008

I'll ask you this...
what is it like to be Alice Berg in Berlin?
I feel that only one person could answer that question... and that person is me.
So i have to get this out of the way... I miss the coffee. i REALLY miss the coffee. I'm not saying that i havent had a good cup (there have been a few) but i miss my mercury.
Berlin is amazing. I'm here for the next few weeks hanging out with friends and my twin brother.
To be honest i have no idea how you kids are cause the blog hasnt filled me in. so here it is, my plea, start writing blogs!
So I guess i should keep my blog post PG 13.... so ill just put a * to keep it short and sweet
i have been going out all the time. Last night we ended up at this sorta underground club and didnt make it home before the sun.*
I had an amazing time in London. I went to sports day (really an event that all jobs should have). It was a day put on for my friends office- the idea is that you go to this big park and play games like football and tug of war. But really you go to drink. My sports day was a 12 hour marathon where i kept up my drinking with 5 british guys.** All i can say is this- naw...maybe i can't say anything.***********
Paris was beautiful. I met up with our merc friends Aaron and Craig for a few hours. So nice to see them (you guys are really amazing. so nice to meet up in paris!). I spent lots of time walking around, drinking a beer and reading in parks.
Then came Vienna. Rain. So much rain.
And then prague... really old, really beautiful.
And now its Berlin for a while.
Adrian- sorry i have yet to take a photo with batman. I'll make sure to take him out tonight.
Ok...well hope you are all doing well. D.H and L.M.D... I miss my kittens.
I'll try to keep you in the loop, please do the same.
So to all the merc- ers....
Hi from Berlin.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey, Hey, Haaaaay,
Me noma es Alex, last name Lee, if yer awunderin'. This is me premiera blog, for all y'all blog-diggy-dawgs. New to the Merc-family, I've been workin' at the Merc. on Main for over a month now and yes I sointenly enjoy it! Business has been pickin' up at the Mercury on Main, my latte art has been improvin'. I've created some feathery deals, some onion hearts, and got some pretty good contrast goin'.
Now I don't know if y'all heard, but are havin' a GRaNd oPEnInG on Satyerday, JU-LY the twenty-sixtha!! Tatooine is sparsley populated, and we are gonna turn this mother out! Those are 2 definate facts that you can count on. Soup Kitchen Line Up and Cameron Whitesell will be rockin and boppin non-stoppin for yer musical pleasure.
A signature drink throw-down will most likely blow our collective minds straight outta our collective skulls! If you miss this not only will you be an L7, straight outta squaresville, your tears will flood the streets causing catastrophic casualties. Thus, for the benefit of humanity, mandatory attendence is necessary.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Soooooooo... ever wonder how we got so good at makin' the drinks you love to quaff? The key, of course, is persistence, practice, and constant production (you know how busy it gets in here sometimes). But we're constantly evolving our procedures and methods, choosing new coffees, and learning new techniques, and a large part of this is because of the dialogues we take part in with other coffee houses. Knowledge grows by sharing, the the coffee industry has made progress by leaps and bounds in recent years through the networks of friendships and professional relationships that form at competitions and expos all over the world.

Which brings me to my next point-- did you know that the Central Regional Championship of the Canadian Barista Championships is happening this weekend at the Queen Elizabeth Building at Exhibition Place? It's going to be an intense weekend of competition featuring skilled Baristi from all over Ontario, competing for a place in the national competition. Come out and root for Damien and Alex as they bring their A game and wow a panel of judges. There are going to be tonnes of exotic coffee drinks made, too-- I've heard rumours of outlandish ingredients mixed with gusto. It's something you don't want to miss!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

About a year ago I was going around Leslieville postering for the Fringe Fest when I happened upon a little espresso bar on the South side of Queen at Morse. While I intended only to find a place in there for a poster, what I really found was a place for me.
Getting to know everyone here at Mercury (not to mention the coffee, which seems also to have it's own personalities) has been a wonderful part of my life. So much so, that I decided to stay awhile. So next time you visit Merc@Main, don't be surprised to see me behind the counter.
If, by chance, you haven't yet gotten a chance to visit Mercury East, this is your perfect excuse! Whether you come to sample the pressed coffee (available in the mornings from 7-10), or to meet that friend who you always mean to see (but don't because they live all the way in the East end), or just to tease the noob, we're happy to have you.
Cheers, Hannah

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hey Matt! (Taylor).

Blog you!

In lieu of a bona fide blog today I leave this as my last sentiment as I exit 915 Queen Street East.


-Mischievously yours, Neil (Rankin).

Monday, July 07, 2008

Hello, Jamy again
Today at merc 2 (main and gerrard) it was pretty steady in the morning but quite slow now.
Last friday after closing we had a little get together to taste our new espresso blend from origins.
We took some polaroid photos throughout the night that's now under the glass on our table for all our "for here" customers to see. Also we had a latte art competition where myself, my sister carolyn and her good friend stef we chosen as the judges the good old fashioned way, picking names out of a hat. Damien from the merc on queen took the bronze, my lovely manager alex tran had the silver, and Sam from Manic Coffee won the gold... and the 40 bucks.
Today I made my first half decent latte, and now ill go back to practicing