Thursday, July 31, 2008

Buzzword of the season: stay-cation - to take a vacation in the place in which one dwells.

Hilarious I know. But with soaring gas prices the marketers have concocted this crazy combination of consents and vowels to cure us of our crappy constant. I don't know about you guys but I've had a blast this summer. Zipping around the city on my two-wheeled pedal machine has prevented any such desire to get away to a far away beach resort surrounded by people who remind me how tans can go horribly wrong.

Speaking of soaring gas prices, coffee farmers in Kenya (God-bless their hardworking souls) have felt the pinch even harder than a mere inconvenience to their vacation plans. They've got this 'stay-cation' dance down. And replace any sort of 'cation' with business as usual producing some of the best fruits in the world with reduced staff, double the shipping costs, and half the profits. No, they aren't saving for a sandy retreat, they're trying to feed their kids. Would I pay $14.00 for a half pound of Kenya Gaturiri Auction Lot? Hells yeah. Nevermind the logistics of supporting whatever, whatever, whatever, I'm not going to preach, it's just effin' amazing coffee. It's smells like a steaming plate of bolognese sauce. Mmmm savoury!

Try it. Or piss off to Miami and join the other douchbags working on their 'tans'. (In the nicest possible way)

a-tronic out

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