Monday, July 07, 2008

Hello, Jamy again
Today at merc 2 (main and gerrard) it was pretty steady in the morning but quite slow now.
Last friday after closing we had a little get together to taste our new espresso blend from origins.
We took some polaroid photos throughout the night that's now under the glass on our table for all our "for here" customers to see. Also we had a latte art competition where myself, my sister carolyn and her good friend stef we chosen as the judges the good old fashioned way, picking names out of a hat. Damien from the merc on queen took the bronze, my lovely manager alex tran had the silver, and Sam from Manic Coffee won the gold... and the 40 bucks.
Today I made my first half decent latte, and now ill go back to practicing

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Matt (crema) said...

Goooo Jamy!
Did you enter the latte competition? :D
You'll be throwing out rosettas and tulips in no time with your star studded training team!

Take care,
(from Crema Coffee)