Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Hey, Hey, Haaaaay,
Me noma es Alex, last name Lee, if yer awunderin'. This is me premiera blog, for all y'all blog-diggy-dawgs. New to the Merc-family, I've been workin' at the Merc. on Main for over a month now and yes I sointenly enjoy it! Business has been pickin' up at the Mercury on Main, my latte art has been improvin'. I've created some feathery deals, some onion hearts, and got some pretty good contrast goin'.
Now I don't know if y'all heard, but are havin' a GRaNd oPEnInG on Satyerday, JU-LY the twenty-sixtha!! Tatooine is sparsley populated, and we are gonna turn this mother out! Those are 2 definate facts that you can count on. Soup Kitchen Line Up and Cameron Whitesell will be rockin and boppin non-stoppin for yer musical pleasure.
A signature drink throw-down will most likely blow our collective minds straight outta our collective skulls! If you miss this not only will you be an L7, straight outta squaresville, your tears will flood the streets causing catastrophic casualties. Thus, for the benefit of humanity, mandatory attendence is necessary.

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