Monday, August 28, 2006

Matt(hew) and Ali(ce) here...
just chillin' out to some rock and or roll.

Here are some ways of getting rid of the hiccups:
Swallowing three times (or more) while holding one's breath
Eating particular foods, such as peanut butter, Fluffernutter sandwich, chocolate, sugar or honey, Lingonberry jam, wasabi, yellow mustard or vinegar
Eating a spoonful of granulated table sugar (slowly letting it dissolve in mouth)
Drinking a glass of water through a napkin placed over the glass
Drinking a beverage high in citric acid such as lemon, lime, or grapefruit juice
Drinking a glass of water in several small sips

Or I could just punch you in the back ten Ty mes.

P.S Alex cut his hair and he look like a small child. Make fun of him when you come in. I think his life has been a little hard after that near death experience he had. Poor alex. Poor child like alex.We love you.

Swing in and say hi

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little boy this alice....