Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mercury Organic Espresso Bar serves products that may have addictive qualities.

A woman on her way to the airport made a pit stop at mercury. She got out of her cab (meter still running) and came in for a latte.
Now that's what I call a good latte.
A woman then walked in a few mintues later to get a cappuccino. She was an hour late for work and still came by to get her coffee.
You are all turning into addicts! awesome! This might be the start of MA. The first step is addmitting you have a problem.
If you have a story or comment about our coffee send it in. I think I'm going to start a contest. Winner gets a kiss from mike.

Its a beautiful sunday to come out and chill. We have banana, coconut, and pineapple muffins. They smell amazing and are still warm! Mike is here...I think me might play a game of pin the tale on the donkey. But please dont make any sudden movements...he is a bit hungover.

Peace out home fry

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