Friday, August 18, 2006

mercury needs a theme song.

whatever johnny know-it-all, no it doesn't. we've got a few apricot muffins left, a few chocolate banana muffins, a vegan brownie or two kicking around.

jackie bailed today so alice is in and that's cool. she'll be demonstrating her dance moves throughout the morning. it's 11:57am, so you better hurry. but seriously, how am i suppose to write about such trivial things when alison was kicked off of project runway and the clown prince vincent stupidetti was given another free pass?

if you're into ultimate fighting championship, alice wants to know if you caught the boner at the weigh-in last night.

why am i the only one blogging these days? (in all fairness to alice, she's no longer blogging because she's no longer allowed to touch the computer [or as she calls it, "the numbers machine"])

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