Friday, December 07, 2007

Adrian and I are having a delightful afternoon just pullin' shots, staring into each other's eyes, thinking about lollipops and iced cream. Darling.

Intelligentsia has arrived!
Here's the scoop

El Cuervo- Guatemala
flavour: Sugar cane, red fruit, milk chocolate
Acidity: Bold, round, invigoratring
Finish: Chocolaty, clean
It's a fine coffee indeed. Great as a press.

El Gallo- Breakfast Blend
Flavour: Sweet, spice, fruity
Acidity: Bright, Lively
Finish: Smooth, rich, caramel, clean
What a way to wake up in the morning!

There will be live music in the Merc this Sunday afternoon. I think it all kicks off around 4. I'll keep you all posted with more details. But there a better way to spend a sunday afternoon... we think not.

If you happen to be walking past, or pop in for a brew, you should check out the Mercular Family on the window. The Merc staff in press form...GT's GT's.

Alright I'm over and out. Neil and Damien are in tonight so come by and hang out. Good times are in store.

-A wall and the Prince (fact.)

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