Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Holy Cro-moley! nothing makes you want coffee more than a bike ride in the winter. Don't believe me, ask tofu. moving on....
Get 'em while you can (1/2lbs)

kid-o $9, black cat $9, extra butter $9, mad hatter $8, espresso $8, decaf swp $8, Ethiopia Yirgacheffe $9 (feature latter at the moment $4.75)

El Diablo (dark roast)- Bold, crisp, black cherry, fruity/floral, smoky
If you want a bold brew this is your lucky day. $9
Flor Azul Nicaragua- Cocoa, sweet fruit, nuts, balanced, light molasses, hint of spice
If you tried the Los Delirios and love it, this is it's BFF (also a Nicaragua). $9.50
El Cuervo Guatemala- Sugar cane, red fruit, milk chocolate, bold, invigorating, clean
Just the right way to wake you up from a winter slumber. $9.50
El Gallo (breakfast blend)- sweet, spice, fruity, smooth, rich, caramel, clean
If it's a plate of bacon & eggs or soy milk & a wheat free muffin, this is a great cup to start off your day. $9
Celebration Blend- sweet, red currant, caramel, crisp, molasses, cinnamon
Tastes like a celebration... blend. It's like warm clothes out of the dryer.
It's a great balanced and clean cup. It will warm you up and leave a splendid taste in your mouth. $9

Things We Have
-We have Lactose Free Milk right now! sorry for all of the times we run out, but if you come in soon we will be MORE THAN HAPPY to make you a drink sans Lactose.
- Cider... and it can be yours for $3. It's awesome if you're one of the many that can't have caffeine after noon (my heart goes out to you really and truly it does).
- Alex and Alice keeping you company all night long. Springsteen playing, shots are pouring, and the cafe is peaceful. I dare you to come in here and shake things up. Triple Dog Dare you!!!

what? wait.. what? WHAT!!! I can't hear you... you're breaking up! you'll have to come in and tell me in person.
over and out
Alice "GT's" Berg
featuring Alex "lets talk bikes" Tran

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