Friday, November 30, 2007

Well, it's official: we have a curtain at Mercury. The fat Summer lady has sung, and Jack Frost has planted a fork squarely in Fall's backside; the show is over, and Autumn is cooked.

But, I gotta say, it almost seems worth it now that I can walk into Mercury and pass through a veil of fabric which can not help but remind me of the last episode of Twin Peaks, or of the very Birthing Process itself, (the trauma of which I'll probably never fully recover from.)

Anyway, I was just buttering you up like a Prize Sow for the real blog, which starts now:

if you've never been Born Again (have you heard the Good News?), OR, you never saw Twin Peaks, OR, it's cold outside, OR you want to talk to the coolest people in the city of Toronto, OR you want to try the Unstoppable Coffee Craze that continues to rock Leslieville, OR you want to drink some delicious Ontario apple cider steamed to super-perfection, OR you have a Winter's Tan and need to deal with it, OR you like Awesome Music and want it to shoot at your ear holes a little bit, OR you want to show some support for a local pillar of ethical business practice, OR you want to hear the sultry vocal stylings of electro-acoustic phenom Jacqueline Rendell (every other Sunday in the late afternoon), OR you want to internet it up on your laptop, OR if the Human Mouth is your personal favourite orifice for Coffee Drinking, OR if you have the Meaning of Life in your blazer pocket and want to share it, OR if you see No Beauty anywhere in your life and want to understand why we're all in a pretty good situation, OR if you're tired of ignoring people that tell you "Dude, you need to go to Mercury right now because their cappuccinos are indescribably good,"

OR if you want to cross through our brand new fancy curtain,

well, you know what to do, innit?

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