Sunday, November 04, 2007

Sunday. Vibe: Chilled Out. Baristas: The Damien and Alex Bean.
We're happy to report that we still have 3 presses of the Esmeralda left. It's only a couple more days from going stale though so if you fancy a press, get on your track bike and scuttle down you coffee hipsters.

On a another (musical) note, the lovely Ms. Jacqueline Rendell muscled out a fantastic live performance amid the flanges of a Sunday afternoon baby caravan. Those young toddlers seemed to appreciate the stylings of this particular ball-o-sunshine, who happened to just release an EP recently. She'll be back for another staggeringly militant set not this up coming Sunday but the one after that. Come out and be charmed.

Closing: 9 pm as usual. Dinner: Jim's Best. Riding: Dirrrrty



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