Wednesday, November 21, 2007

That's what Neil looks like when he gets stuck in the rain: Mad, Cold, and about 10 lbs lighter. If this cat were wearing tight red pants.... it'd be Neil for sure.

Muyongwe. Muyongwe? MUYONGWE! That's right, we are going to have Muyongwe, Rwanda's Golden Cup of greatness on press this week. We may not know how to pronounce it, but you can rest assured that we will certainly be able to drink it, and so can you. Pop on in and try out the number one Rwandan coffee that has been described as both elegant and complex, kind of like Alex Tran.

Or, if you are into underdogs as opposed to top dogs, then be sure to experience the sensation that is Kanzu, Rwanda's fourth place Golden Cup. The layers of chocolate wonderfulness run deep in this bombastic bean. With a blackberry (not the electronic device), dried fruit, and caramel body this is bound to be a surefire hit round these parts.

Alex sez:

It's gonna rain!

-Alice "smooches" Berg, Alex "slaps" Tran

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