Sunday, December 06, 2009

some of you may or may not have noticed that it is in fact december.

actually, matt taylor has yet to notice, because he is still sporting his trusty movember stache. i can't bring myself to tell him because, well, because i'm new here, and also because i don't think he would part with it anyways.

but, and so, it's obvious that as head of the mario kart family, matt actually needs to have a mustache and i think he's just finally realized this so that's okay.

matt taylor

and, also, his brother luigi has obviously also not realized that it's december, and this too is okay, because luigi is supposed to have a mustache as well.

neil rankin

so, actually, the whole movember thing was just a ruse for their true personalities to have an opportunity to come out. and for everyone's true mario personalities to come out, i've noticed.

doug tiller

matt davey





chris swimms

i don't have a character yet because i haven't advanced to the next level. next month if i'm lucky.

but so in case you forgot again, it's december, so here's a list of reasonable things to do with all yr time:
1. skating (hot chocolate necessity both before and after, or risk losing the value of the full skating experience)
2. hang out with yr dog (always an option, but more so when winter is suddenly here and yr pet conveniently has more fur than you and is therefore a mobile blanket for yr personal cuddling enjoyment)
3. go sledding (enough said)
4. post on blogs, or better yet, make witty comments on my blog post
5. stuffing (the turkey and the stocking)
most importantly:
6. hang out with me at mercury and drink espresso, or cappucinos, or if you must, a latte or two. i'm accumulating points to cash in for my mario kart character.

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