Sunday, December 10, 2006

Bam! So I haven't been writing about coffee much lately so that's what I'll do today instead of the usual random rants.

We just all had a cup of the Mexican Chiapas made with our French Press and I must say it's a decent cup. It's kinda smokey, and has a syrup-y aftertaste. It's not that great as an espresso, but then again, I'm discovering that most single origin beans don't make great espressos.

We're also now using new tampers that are better for avoiding carpal-tunnel. They're gonna take some getting used to but it won't be that hard considering the amount of practise we get in a day.

Well, that's about it I guess. Oh, one more thing: we have a new chocolate espresso cake. It's so far untouched. Will you be the first?

Cameron is going to be playing very soon, come down for a piece of chocolate espresso cake, a cup of Mexican Chaipas and let Cameron entertain you tonight!



p.s. Alice is the undefeated chess champion of Mercury. Someone PLEASE come down and shut her up. please. pretty please. (she still talking)

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