Thursday, January 25, 2007

Gosh it is COLD out there today!
"Very fresh" Graham might say.
Anyway, ReZ and I are hanging out listening to some cool new tunes (Right now we are playing Johnny and the Moon, Raising the Fawn, and Ugly Casanova) and drinking coffee. If you would like to join in on all the fun you are more than welcome.

Just to let you all know...
Mercury will be featured on CBC's 'Living in Toronto' today at 1pm. If you have a chance to watch it please do, and then feel free to come in and tell me how it went.

That's how we roll,
A - R

1 comment:

Number 9 said...

It's good except that I wasn't in it!
The whole show for that day is pretty good and I can send it to pals and family from out of town so they can see my hood.