Sunday, January 14, 2007

Hello this is Eve and as the new addition to Mercury, I feel inclined to let you all in on my exclusive plan to take over and transform the wonderful neighbourhood cafe into a giant ant farm.

But that will not be in a good while, so I presume I might elaborate about myself a little bit. As coffee ranges as one of the several obsessions in my day to day life, I'm really enjoying being part of reinventing people's concept of quality and knowledge and even the joy of simplicity when it comes to the aromatic substance.

I live in the neighbourhood, so working at Mercury has also been a great pleasure and an excellent way to discover my own area all over again. (Nevermind that it has been quite convenient whilst committing to early morning shift.

Alex: So that's Eve everyone. She's a gem isn't she? Using words like 'whilst' should motivate just about anyone to come down and chat with our aspiring barista. Who know what crazy word she'll use next!


Eve and Alex

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