Thursday, March 22, 2007

It has been a while kids!
I was givin' a talkin' to the other day about my lack of posting on this "blog" thing. So here we go, get ready, get set, a blog by Alice Berg.
News (that's fit to print)
-Barons and Lengthy are playing a show tonight at the Drake. They play at 11pm, cover is $7. This is also a special night because it is their EP release/ give away! That's right! so if you come out you will not only get a wild night of fun, but a free CD too. Wow!
(For the cats out there that don't know... Barons and Lengthy is the band Adrian plays in- That angry young man with the good looks and big eyes). So come see How the staff spends their time after hours.
-If you have been inside the shop, or read this blog, you will know that we are having a Birthday party this weekend. I'm just saying... if you want to have a good time, listen to some (way) cool bands, eat some cake, and have me paint your face, you should come in. Mad Party!
-Matthew is not in today. He has gone to get his hair cut. Some of you might not see this information as news worthy, but I assure you it is. This kid has not had a cut in what seems like forever. I said he should get corn rows. I don't think he took my advice... but you never know.. maybe he did...You'll have to come in an see for yourself.
-Alex Tran is in love with me. Just Kidding. I put that in to see how many of you would really read to the bottom of the page.

It's sort of slow today. We still have lots of treats, and rez and I would love you all to come in and keep us company. I'll even do a little jig.
I guess that's all. I have nothing left to say. I hope you liked my blog today.
That's how I roll
-Alice Berg

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