Sunday, March 18, 2007

Our espresso, at least this batch, is very fruity. No, I'm not trying to make some dumb joke, it quite literally tastes like fruit. Blueberries to be more exact. Matthew pulled me a double ristretto as I was getting into the afternoon groove, and the first thing I noticed when I put my lips to the cup was an overwhelming aroma of fresh blueberries. Matt had also exlaimed that this particular batch we have from Dark City is probably one of the best. So if you're into ristrettos come down quickly. Tastes generally vary from batch to batch, not significantly but there are subtle differences. After a year of drinking the same blend you start to notice these things.

Speaking of which, our 1st birthday is 'ore yon knoll. In two days to be exact but our celebration will be on the weekend of the 24-25. We're gonna have bands, a live roasting, and Alice will be doing her best impression of a make-up artist. It's gonna be a ball. Come on by.

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