Wednesday, August 29, 2007

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hey sports fans! If you come in and see a new face behind the counter it might just be Mr.Neil Rankin!
Do you know Neil Rankin?
If not, here is your chance!

In other news...
Beans Beans Beans
I'm really keen for these beans.
The Mad Hatter Blend- The best cure for your AM blues! It's got a little extra kick to get your morning started. Think about it... After a cup of that stuff you could look and feel as great as Alice Berg! ooohh baby!
Quick Silver- It's like Ben, but in bean form. Awake but not crazy, not too in your face, and super eco friendly. Great anytime, anywhere.
Espresso- Great as a brew, perfect as an espresso. It's like when Adrian found $20.00 in the street and took me out for ice cream.
Decaf (swp)- Best decaf around! It's like missing a party for a great night of sleep. Sure the party might be fun (especially if I'm there), But sleep is so RAD!
Extra Butter- It's dark, it's rich, and it's awesome. The guy upstairs buys it all the time. I'm Sold!
Ethiopia Yirgacheffe- It's sweet, a bit fruity, and a staff favourite. Great after a meal.

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