Saturday, August 11, 2007

Hi. Did you miss me?

Taste of the Danforth is in full effect this weekend leaving Leslieville a desolate wasteland. Well, wasteland is kind of an exaggeration but that IS the theme of this blog.

We've got a Mexico Oaxaca Sierra Madre Del Sur for our Featured Latte. It makes me feel like wearing a poncho. No one can be in a bad mood while wearing a poncho. I was thinking of getting sombrero too. Imagine that! Having a sombrero/poncho combo, I'd be off my tits in happiness!

Mercury is also out on the hunt for a few good baristas. If you know anyone who has prior espresso bar experience we'd be happy to meet them!

Ghostface Killah is blasting from the stereo right now and Doug and I agree that he's the best Wu-Tang member. If Doug was a member it would be him. I think I would be Redman. Which member would you be? Ten points for anyone owning up to be ODB!



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