Sunday, July 29, 2007

Alice: OH! Well hello there, I didn't see you come in. Let me just put on something a little bit more....

Matthew, Sasha, and I are just hanging out here - I guess we are "working" not "hanging" but "whatever". If you'd like to join in on the fun you know where to find us.

We now have biodegradable lids! So once you have had your fix you can toss the WHOLE CUP into the green bin. AWESOME! Oh and a little reminder, if you bring in your own cup we take 25 cents off. We don't have to use a cup, you get a deal, it's win win!
well anyway, Green Shift says the cups take about 50days to break down. I say you test them. Not that I think they are liars or anything (because I don't), just that it might be sort of cool to see if its true.

Sasha: Hi! We at Mercury are also excited to announce that we are implementing a new method: The PK Dosing & Tamping Method. Pioneered (sort of) by Matthew Taylor, this should cut down on coffee waste, increase shot consistency, and elicit fascination, confusion, and crypto-mockery. It's all we talk about. That and our lids. We blogged about them the other day, and then again today. We're really excited. We might blog about them tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Oh, and we've got some delicious Ethiopia Harrar in as our feature; it has earned the coveted and rare thumbs-up from Alice Berg. Not just any coffee gets the Alice Berg thumbs-up.

-S and A

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