Thursday, July 26, 2007

Hi, internet!

Woah, it's hot today. I know that it's been hot before, and that I've frequently written about it being hot, but woah is it ever hot. Woah. I expected my morning cappucino to spontaneously combust, and when I ran out for ice today, I felt as if I was going to melt into the pavement. However, at Mercury, we are not dissuaded by the heat - we consider it a test of our dedication and our incredible tanned physiques.

For clarity's sake: Our retail beans are now being stored and ground behind the counter. This will result in less delightful Three Stooges-style blundering, and it's really a better setup in all respects.

Also, we now have biodegradable lids! How exciting is that? SO EXCITING! Everything that your coffee comes in can be tossed in the green bin now. Well done, GreenShift!

Come sweat it out and biodegrade with us. We would like that.


1 comment:

browser said...

Is it possible to put the roast date on the 1/2 pound take home beans?
Like the new sign.

I also saw Mercury espresso on Tv last night, when they did a makeover show at Reliable fish and chips across the street you cold see the old mercury sign jumping up and down and waving it's portafilters and inticing pedestrians with microfoam.