Sunday, July 15, 2007


Round One: Ben

The Scene: Mercury Espresso Bar, Saturday afternoon. A bustling day; the scent of fresh espresso is in the air, the buzz of anticipation of caffe latte, cappuccino, and americano presides.

Ben: Hark, on the horizon! It is Matthew, carrying divers delectables! Prithee, who is it who rides with him?

Alice: It is not who, Sirrah, but what! Could it be? A Mazzer Major! The Grinding Grail!

Matthew: Yea, it be true, one to join the other we have already collected upon our travails. With two, we shall be nigh unstoppable.

Yes, friends, two Mazzers; Speed, Power, and Flavour are with our heroes. Come and see them rejoicing and frolicking, grinding fine coffees and pulling impeccable shots.

Round Two: Sasha

I am here in the warm, comforting environs of Mercury, with a song in my heart, a twinkle in my eye, and espresso on my lips. (This doesn't look as good as it sounds.) We also have a new sign above the door; for maximum enjoyment, order your cappucino, stand in the doorway, sidle a couple of feet to the right, look up, and bask, then come in to enjoy your coffee. (This looks just as good as it sounds.)

As for coffee, you're in luck, as we're featuring the ever-popular Yemen as our feature bean, which unfailingly offers a smooth, rich cup of coffee. Also, for espresso, we're featuring the perhaps-even-more-popular Kid O, which is powerful and rich enough to knock a man down at fifty paces, yet just as smooth as Alex Tran. Alex Tran on a good night. Alex Tran on a good night, with the moon above him, shining just so, stretching his arms to yawn and seamlessly loop an arm around your shoulder.

It's pretty good, I guess.



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browser said...

I'm REALLY gonna try and get to try the Kid-O this time.