Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Hey Mercurians,
I have a questionae for yas...what exactly is the holiday that occured yesterday? I know it's a civic holiday but seriously what kinda holiday is that? I'll tell ya lame. i couldn't put ma darn cheque in the bank because they had no envelopes what-so-ever. Thanks civic holiday. I'd rather have a honda civic that's all customized, with spinning rims, those blue undercarriage lights and pretty much too fast too, furious... maybe even thrice fast, thrice furious, tokyo drift. If you catch my drift.
I just wanted to espresso meself. Oh well holiday pay is time and a half, so I'll just sit on my cheques fer now. I guess I enjoyed my stay-cation. I did see Sabastien Tellier in concert last night after work and it was thrice fast, thrice furious......

__Alex L.

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