Tuesday, October 17, 2006

So apparently I'm the "new guy" here at Merc (I think I might have to start referring to the espresso bar by this hipster worthy shortform...or then again maybe not). For all of you regulars and occasional visitors who may not have met me yet, I'm Drew. I love strong coffees and great tunes. Soon enough I guess I'll have to come up my own signature drink and whatnot. All in good time, all in good time...

I'm told we're gonna get some live music up and running here at the Merc Espresso somewhere down the line. Keep your ears to the ground.

Today, Vicki's orange cranberry scones sold out like hotcakes, and I have to say the chocolate chip cookies she came in with later (organic of course) pretty much blew me away. It was raining but that didn't stop the crowd from popping in for the necessary brews.

Just listening to some Black Flag right now. It's pretty laid back here. Tomorrow is Alice's first day off in like forever, so I guess some of us may have to go out to the show at the Savannah Room on College Street to celebrate for a bit with her -- and then I'll return to do the whole thing again tomorow.


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The Big Fairy said...

I am visiting TO from Vancouver. The Merc is sweet - everything the spawn of satan cafe (aka "S???b???s") is not: personable, environmentally friendly and just plain friendly. the barrista is a hottie too! Go Merc!