Monday, February 26, 2007

G'day! G'day!
The Central Eastern Regional Barista Championships are quickly approaching us. I believe April will be the month to watch for. Guaranteed, there will be 2 of us from Mercury competing. Stay tuned for more details. You will all find out details as I do. Also, tje first GTA Latte Art Championships will be this May. Keep tuning in as well for more details. This ones gonna be exciting. We're all working on the fine tuning of the the designs we do here. Watch out for Adrian's SWAN. It's taking shape quite nicely and looking more impressive by the day.
Now on to Mercury's business.....................
We are turning a year old on March 20th. Seeing as it's a Tuesday, we will be holding the festivities on the 24th and 25th. Live music, coffee and more coffee!! Possibly an outdoor roasting demonstration if we can swing it...... from the green bean to the cup. Keep checking in for more details.

Talk to you soon!

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