Sunday, February 18, 2007

Matthew Taylor will be attending the Food & Beverage show tomorrow if anyone wants to stop by. He'll be getting drunk and pouring latte art at the Zuccarini booth and if you're really lucky, he'll be drunk enough to reveal all Mercury's secrets! Hmm... drunken latte art. I wonder if it's like Drunken style kung-fu and a whole new discipline of latte art is discovered after a certian level of inebriation. I'll be the first to volunteer to test out the effects alcohol consumption has on latte art. I know, I know, it's rather noble of me to put myself in this position but you know what? I'll take one for the team. Several would be even better.


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Robyn said...

Yes, but WHERE ARE YOU?? Crazy. Crazy, I tell you.matisse