Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This is just a test.
I will come back very soon and re write some of this post. So in fact, it might be better than just any other post... for you see, you get to read it twice!
The Feature Latte: Ethiopia Sidamo from Dark City
The Feature Espresso: Kid O Organic Espresso from Intelligentsia
News: New grinder. it's really nice looking. It says Espresso Italiano on the side. It makes the other grinders look slow and old school. It's the belle of the ball. Matthew has a new toy.
-Barista Competition...Matthew 4, Alex 7
-Don't you just love Quinoa? I really do. Just saying.
-Heads up. Don't know if anyone has said this... but Vicki is our baker. She has her own place now. it is called new world organics. If ever you are in need of organic baked goods, she is your lady. 647-435-4885.
- I still have to take a side on the hubba bubba chewing gum issue. The new stuff it a big let down.

That's how I roll (for now)
-Alice "Honeycat" Berg

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browser said...

I hope some of that Kid O is still around this weekend!