Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Everyone knows about the cat poop coffee, right? It's really expensive, and it's made from the coffee beans that a bunch of cats in some village eat and then poop out so when you drink it, it's all been digested and stuff.

We don't carry that. That sounds gross.

BUT we DO have, this week, super-special-like, some of 49th Parallel's India Devon Estate, which is actually picked and eaten by Rhesus monkeys. See, they love the little cherries (see fig. 1)
figure one: nom nom nom nom nom

that the beans are actually the seeds of, and so they pick them, at the height of their ripeness, eat the fruit, and spit out the beans. It's nature's quality control. Like how they say on TV, "picked at the perfect point of ripeness"? Except that the guys on TV are obviously lying. If they wanted to get perfectly ripe fruit, they'd have to hire monkeys. (see figure 2)

figure two: duck, you sucker.

Anyways it's a beautiful coffee, with a nutty aroma and a sweet chocolate-y, hazelnut-y finish. Try it in a press!

And while we're at it, we really should mention that we've got the #2 coffee in the whole wide world right now, Nicaragua's Limoncillo. We've already sold out on half-pound bags (which were $35 for the half-pound, if that kind of stuff impresses you) (see fig. 3)

figure three: blangin'

but you can still get a tasty taste in a press in store! It's a remarkably full-bodied coffee that still retains delicate notes of jasmine and citrus, with a creamy finish. It's like a tasty truffle, but not one that pigs hunt for. But wouldn't that make an awesome end to this blog post? All come full circle, from animals making poo coffee to coffee that would taste great to animals that smell like poo? How much can I talk about excrement and still keep my job?

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