Sunday, October 12, 2008

'Tis Sunday, my turkey-fun-day!
Happy thanksgivies to all yous mercurians...
It's a pity some of us have to be at worky, all 9-5'in on the holiday like Dolly "the chest" Parton.But I'm gonna give ya some straight talk, and not sugar coat it baby, also quotin' the Dolly-Mama. If I were you, and I mean you personally, i would indulge in a pipin' hot cup los immortales with my punpkin pie. It's especially delish lately!
--Alex L--
p.s. Who else friggin' loves Jakey-poo's new gesture?
I know I said friggin',but really the "I don't know" gesture is melting my daern heart like a Cat Stevens song.

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